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*The Awful Truth* at The Poetry Foundation

Thanks to Corina Copp for sharing her thoughts on The Awful Truth over at the Poetry Foundation's round-up of staff picks for 2017!

Copp discusses new work by Aisha Sasha John--in which "knowledge is experiential, and the speaker is not an idea, but almost a physical presence"--and then turns to a lovely, brief description of Diana's book:  

[The Awful Truth] quotes, at length, other writers, like Bernadette Mayer, Rindon Johnson, Freud, and Laura Marcus on Freud, interspersing this reading—as well as emails, dream accounts, interviews, dreams of emails and interviews—into an already-chock-full text as if they are (they are) memories. The first section reminds me a bit of Eve Sedgwick's brilliant A Dialogue on Love, not just formally, though that too, but in the way the intelligent voice takes care of "you" and of "we." Both [Aisha Sasha John] and Hamilton are poets who contend naturally with other mediums, genres, and forms, but their shared topic of living as a writer holds so much in itself, and is so finely (and differently) wrought, that I don't really need to read much else right now. Ok? Okay.

See the full post [here] to hear about all the other great books you may have missed this year; you can also check out John's I have to live at the book's PRH site [here].