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Old Business, Ryan Dobran (2018).
New Release. Paperback, 120pp.
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The charred edge of republic matter blinks out
into space in whose eyes heavy with salt
loam like placid gore during the sabotage
all I do I do drunk and rest my forehead
against the screen like a demotic internship
minor subject recovery unit.

Precious against a Precious Thing: The Selected Poems of Michael Field (2018).
Archival Reissue. Paperback, 176pp.
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What of this love?  Where doth it dwell?
Concentrate and yet harbouring,
Precious against a precious thing—
A Pearl within her shell.

The Awful Truth, Diana Hamilton (2017).
New Release. Paperback, 152pp.
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It seems generous of the dream to have selected me
for the prize, but the dream is actually too busy being proud
of its own ability to give prizes to worry about me or my book
about crying . . .

Can of Human Heat, Mark Francis Johnson (2017).
New Release. Paperback, 184pp.
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What a dismal sight greeted me! Two small squares of spiritless loaner nougat lobbied my head in a whisper; a gaunt dijonnaise packet, darkly crusted at one end, didn’t even try. And the room’s bit of color? A brittle brown fern such as one might encounter on a long-abandoned porn set. I started a tab.