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New Mark Johnson forthcoming from Roof Books!

Mark Johnson continues his excavation of the Cheap Sub-Heavens with a new full-length--How to Flit--forthcoming soon from Roof Books. Stay tuned for that release, which is part of the same project that brought you Can of Human Heat (available for purchase at SPD and on our site!), as well as the GaussPDF-released Treatise on Luck.

From Can of Human Heat:

Every day, terrified I am late, I leave my plastic shed with
such extraordinary force I melt the frankly meager lip of
the miniature vase, nice because purposeless, that hangs
outside my door. The vase is replaced nightly—or its lip
fixed?—by bosses unknown to me. Why not fix the sag in
my mattress?? Every day, I leave my plastic shed with
extraordinary force and race to the wulfworks against a salt
bog breeze; it moves my shortclothes.

Couldn’t launch imaginary products on my pony, sold it. A
distinctive smell clung to me for days afterward; I bottled it
as SOLD PONY, without success.

Two anticlimaxes.