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launch and pre-order wrap-up

Setting up the book table in front of Andrew Durbin's Barbara Hammer show at Company Gallery. At left is the videogame station for playing Diana Hamilton's Dreams, co-written with Alejandro Miguel Justino Crawford. 

Our official launch parties in NYC and Montreal this past month were a lot of fun. Thanks are due to Andrew Durbin, New York's Company Gallery, Michael Nardone, and the Godberd alternative school in Montreal for support; all of the friends and fans who came out to enjoy the readings and bring home some books; and especially to Diana and Mark, who really brought the goods and whose work sets a high bar for all of us.

Check out some pictures below, and feel free to follow us on instagram if you'd like to see more.

Above: short run of launch posters featuring : "BAT TIME (hands cover face)" by Los Angeles artist Hayley Barker.

Above: Lawrence holding forth on the importance of Diana Hamilton to 21st-century poetics.

Above: Mark spellbinding a great turnout of NYC friends with Can of Human Heat at Company Gallery in Chinatown.

Above: Michael Nardone introducing Diana, Mark, and Maryse Lariviére at the third installation of the ZUTIQUE reading series, Montreal. 

Above: Diana offering therapeutic solutions from "Fear and Trembling" at Goberd | GAMMA, Montreal.