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First Proof: new work from Mark in *BOMB*

Check out a "sheaf" of new poems from Mark Johnson in the new print issue from BOMB . . .

Also available online [here]

The work comes from his manuscript-in-progress, Sham Refugia. A small sample from the sheaf:


When I back a creature into darkness
I feel I am adorable. Adorable. How else
caricature a grieving beast,

destroy art supplies with snot? Memory

sees the river wend its clarified way
town and expensive farms and on
past a peachtree to marrow, as if to nothing

the marrow of nothing. Yea

loan-stars binge on my kingdom. I am old,
and this dish of vanilla melts,
this dear spoon I can’t remember

buying or stealing or accepting
remains a bent example
of pure invention; particles of rain
blown through the screen contaminate my treat
here on the porch, yet water on my face
wards off the Sleep. I begat

in my dream a biographer-son

guide through the season after winter not spring
before the cut flowers have dried,
dust in the chiseled name blown away.