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Diana in Chicago

Diana will be reading tomorrow night at Volumes Bookcafe in Chicago! She'll appear alongside friends and comrades Connor Messinger, Jo Barchi, Sophie Krueger, and Keisa Reynolds--things kick off early at 6pm, so get over there. 

For more info, see the event page [here]

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Mark’s book has arrived!

And Lawrence made a shrine so that he could worship it. 

We're excited to be launching with some of Mark's fine work, and proud of the finished product inside and out. Can of Human Heat is a very smart and very funny book, with some haunting overtones of body horror and proto-political disquiet, but we could go on about it all day. Pre-orders can be placed through our launch campaign [here] or directly from our store [here].

Check out further details, a PDF excerpt, and our belabored but earnest cover copy [here].


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Dworkin on Hamilton

Listen [here] to a thought-provoking paper on "Affective Imbalance in Contemporary Literature" from Craig Dworkin, given at Leeds Beckett University's Inside Out lecture series. 

In the course of an argument about larger trajectories in 21st-c poetry, Dworkin offers an insightful, extended reading of Diana Hamilton's Okay, Okay (Truck Books, 2012). Drawing on Maurizio Lazzarato's theories of affective/immaterial labor,  Dworkin uses a close reading of Hamilton's book about "the intersection of labor and weeping" to address what Michael Hardt has characterized as the 21st century's peculiar "synthesis of cybernetics and affectivity" and what Dworkin calls "the monetization of cathexis":

[Hamilton's] book works to pull back the cubical divider and reveals the paradoxical inverse of the strictures and expectations of the affective economy.

The discussion of Okay, Okay and affective labor (starting just before 14:00) represents just one of three major axes in Dworkin's talk, and the rest (including the synoptic and very lucid technological-historical introduction) is well worth watching. To briefly paraphrase (and, of course, oversimplify) the lecture's larger outlines: certain recent trends in poetry, Dworkin argues, reflect a definite shift from the conceptual poetry of the early 00's and can be indexed to the changing cultural milieu of online life. What we commonly simplify under the rubric of "Web 2.0" actually does represent a real sea change in both the underlying technological infrastructures and the lived experience of internet use, and Dworkin suggests that the formal representation of affect in Hamilton's poetry offers one way of measuring the distance between the online environment today and the promises/menaces of the earlier, 2000-era internet as they were explored in the poetic bulk-curation projects of two decades ago.


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Release parties

Release party details!

Come see us in New York City and/or Montreal in November for our official launch events.. We'll be throwing parties / readings / book release events for Mark and Diana, who will each be reading from their new work.. Books will be available for sale, as well as some nice limited edition artifacts to celebrate the occasion. And drinks. Details for both events below:


November 15th
Company Gallery
88 Eldridge Street, 5th Floor
New York, New York 10002

Event page [here].

Doors at 7:30PM, readings start promptly at 8pm.

Graciously hosted by Andrew Durbin at Company Gallery in Chinatown.

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November 18th
Godberd | GAMMA
2080 Avenue Joly
Montreal, QC

Event page [here].


Graciously hosted by Michael Nardone and the ZUTIQUE reading series, at Godberd Alternative School's new GAMMA venue.

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pre-orders available!

okay so we’ve launched a “campaign” to help us get the word out about the press, and to offer our first two releases for pre-order.

click [here] to check it out, and please share widely with anyone in your set who you think might be interested.. in addition to the books, we are offering some tote bags and other minor amenities for your plaisance—go look!

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golias exists

ah welcome to our website. please check out the information about our first two releases, and browse the beginnings of our research log. We launch in November with a party in NYC on 11/15 and a follow-up party in Montreal on 11/18. Diana and Mark will both be reading from their new work, and we’ll be selling shiny new books and merch.

Please stay in touch as we keep adding content to the site and our store this month. Use the link at top right to subscribe to email updates… there may be a couple over the course of the next month as we launch; after that, they will only come occasionally to announce new releases or events.

thanks, more soon!


[image from the Carmina Burana, titled “The Forest” according to wiki-editor “wallers”]