Mark Francis Johnson

Mark Francis Johnson

Author Bio

Mark Johnson is the author of Can of Human Heat, After Such Knowledge Park, How to Flit, and Treatise on Luck, as well as a variety of chapbooks and shorter works: Three Bad Wishes (Meow Press, 1995), Exactly Zero (Steel Bridge Publishing, 2011), Penniless Greenery (Editions Plane, 2012), Everything Isn’t (Hidden Press, 2012), Dream of a Like Place (Sus Press, 2013), rFul (Hiding Press, 2013), GRUON BS (Make Now Books, 2014), and Yellow Highlighter (Troll Thread, 2015). He has documented aspects of his worldbuilding practice in Plastic Shed, a 2016 Present Tense Pamphlet, and in “The Truth and Life of Lies,” presented in 2014 at Penn’s Poetry & Poetics Reading Group. He has also published under the pseudonym Oren Mabb. 
Johnson attended high school in Albuquerque and then worked intermittently at an Alaskan cannery before learning the ropes of the book trade at Endicott Booksellers on the Upper West Side and Powell’s Books in Oregon. He later studied linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania. He currently lives in Philadelphia, where he is an independent bookseller dealing in rare records and antiquarian books, and where he performs as DJ Hiding Place. Some of his mixes have been published by Gauss PDF and include extensive fake liner notes that very few people have noticed exist.

Readings & Events

+Feb. 6 - Hiding Place, Philadelphia
w/ Hamilton, Kaplan, Lorange, Paetsch, Winslow

Reviews / Press

"CAN OF HUMAN HEAT takes the traditional worldbuilding function of speculative writing and distorts it around its most far-flung, self-reflexive poles. It isn’t a book about a fantasy world or alternative timeline; it reads instead like the appendical traces of one sent back across dimensions . . . In its paralogical epiphanies, Johnson's poem refashions classic modernist lyricism as high farce in which the comic intransigence of everyday objects extends even to the body—and to consciousness—itself."

"AFTER SUCH KNOWLEDGE PARK is an angry book. But, thankfully, not in the way we want it to be: it's not a satire, nor a tract, nor a critique—there's no righteous, organizing ideology, nor, for that matter, any coherent narrative voice that could carry one. It's basically a 130-page block of sputtering, spittle-flecked micro-narratives, careening through an obsessive range of stylistic impersonations, mostly in order to deride them."
—Josef Kaplan

Selected Publications

How to Flit (forthcoming)
Roof Books

Can of Human Heat (2017)
Golias Books

Treatise on Luck (2017)
Gauss PDF

Plastic Shed (2016)
Present Tense

After Such Knowledge Park (2015)
Make Now Books

Other Links

hidingplaceplace @ Soundcloud

"Then Air" (2014-2016)
8 vol. @ Gauss PDF

Yellow Highlighter (2015)
Troll Thread

Baudelaire's Correspondences (2015)
contributor @ WHR

DAHCGC (2014)

"The Hiding Place Reading" (2014)
archive @ PennSound

"Pink Lotion" (2013)
mix @ Gauss PDF

"Orange Mound" (2013)
mix @ Gauss PDF

Past Readings

+ [11.18.17] - Golias Book Launch, Godberd | GAMMA, Montreal
+ [11.15.17] - Golias Book Launch, Company Gallery, NYC
+ 2014 - Flamme Éternelle (Palais de Tokyo, Paris)
+ 2014 - "The Truth and Life of Lies" (University of Pennsylvania)