Diana Hamilton

Diana Hamilton

Author Bio

Diana Hamilton writes about crying, shitting, consenting, kissing, dreaming, fainting, writing, and reading. Specifically, she's published a few books on these subjects: God Was Right (forthcoming from Ugly Duckling Presse), a collect of poem-essays about cats' deaths, friendship, love, and Jane Austen; The Awful Truth (Golias Books), an annotated bibliography of dreams and a novella about anxiety; Okay, Okay (Truck Books), a book of poetry (mostly) about women crying at work; and Shit Advice Columnist, which is pretty self-explanatory. She's also published some chapbooks, including Universe (Ugly Duckling) and Some Shit Advice (The Physiocrats). You can walk through audio recordings of her dreams in Alejandro Miguel Justino Crawford's videogame, Diana Hamilton's Dreams (Gauss PDF), which is a sister project to The Awful Truth. She holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from Cornell University, where she wrote about "style." She teaches writing in New York. She is
from Indiana.

Recent News

+Marie Buck discusses intimacy, anxiety, and The Awful Truth at Harriet - [link]

+Poetry Foundation's staff picks The Awful Truth among best of 2017 - [link]

Readings & Events

+Feb. 6 - Hiding Place, Philadelphia
w/ Johnson, Kaplan, Lorange, Paetsch, Winslow

+Feb. 7 - CODEX, NYC
w/ Astrid Lorange

Reviews / Press

"We need, they say, 'a machine for fighting anxiety' that would allow us to act out of desire rather than fear. Hamilton’s book is a utopia of sharing and listening that exceeds social norms—that reorients our fears about the world into desire for our friends and for our lovers and for a better world for us all."
—Marie Buck, reviewing The Awful Truth for Harriet

"Diana Hamilton’s Universe is one of the tightest projects I’ve ever read . . . a fascinating enactment of the tensions between rationality and fervor . . ."
—Ryo Yamaguchi, reviewing Universe for New Pages

". . . her poetry—almost all of which is in rendered in prose, almost all of which is one-dimensional in the best possible sense of that word—forces Okay, Okay's reader to examine and reexamine what is surely one of the most primal, instinctive of mammalian acts . . . Conceptual in nature, culled from a collage of print and internet based sources, some current, some not, Hamilton’s book simply makes you think about crying, page after page, poem after poem."
—Jeff Alessandrelli, reviewing Okay, Okay at The Rumpus

"Hamilton’s rewritten search results suggests it is not just us: crying at work, crying at school, how to hide that you’ve been crying, crying in science, crying in the car, crying outside, crying in the kitchen, crying in the airport, crying in the shower, Craigslist missed connections in which “you were crying” appears, crying yourself to sleep, crying on the train, crying during sex, crying in the movies, practicing replying calmly. I don’t pretend to know whether catharsis has all the health benefits the ancient Greeks claimed for it, but I do know it’s possible to read Okay, Okay a dozen times and feel more each time . . . From the apology for feeling in the Radioheadesque title to the ungoogleable narrative that closes the book, Okay, Okay is resolutely not an invitation to share an inside joke or an appeal to intellectual vanity. The feelings may be borrowed, quoted, distorted and inverted; they may take time to come into focus; nevertheless, they are real and strange and there every time the book falls open."
—Jordan Davis, reviewing Okay, Okay for The Constant Critic

"Crawford's game approaches the truth of dreams not necessarily through the neon visuals, but through the navigation and connection and layering of sounds and stories that, half-recognized, slip away when we try to tie them down."
—Daniel Fries, reviewing Diana Hamilton's Dreams at KILL SCREEN

Selected Publications

God Was Right (forthcoming)
Ugly Duckling Presse

The Awful Truth (2017)
Golias Books

Diana Hamilton's Dreams (2016)
Videogame (Gauss PDF), publication info [here]
Created/coded by Alejandro Miguel Justino Crawford
Audio/text by Diana Hamilton

23 Women to Kiss Before you Die (2015)
Make Now Books

BREAK UP (2015)
Troll Thread

Universe (2015)
Ugly Duckling Presse

Some Shit Advice (2014)
The Physiocrats

Okay, Okay (2012)
Truck Books

Other Links

"Style in Quotation Marks" (2016)
Amodern 6: Reading the Illegible

"Five-paragraph Essay on Third Heartbreak" (2016), in Tender

Expository Writing on Some Kisses” (2016)
Audio performance of poem for Publishing House’s B.A.D. #1MIXTAPE
Curated by Harry Burke for The Printed Room: Works off Paper at SALTS, Switzerland

On Fictional Poetry” (2016), for Harriet @ The Poetry Foundation

Essay on Bad Writing” (2016), in Prelude 2

"What is Poetry" (2014), interview @ UDP

"Why Cry?" (2013), interview with Kristen Gallagher

Past Readings

+ [12.09.17] - UDP Cellar Series, Old American Can Factory, NYC
+ [11.18.17] - Golias Book Launch, Godberd | GAMMA, Montreal
+ [11.15.17] - Golias Book Launch, Company Gallery, NYC
+ [May 2017] - UDP Cellar Series, Brooklyn, NY
+ [03.03.17] - 1891 Project Space Launch, NYC
+ [01.01.17] - Poetry Project Annual New Years Marathon Reading, NYC

+ [12.12.16] - Participant Gallery, NYC
+ [07.29.16] - Montreal, Canada
+ [06.24.16] - Berls Bookstore, Brooklyn, NY
+ [04.03.16] - Troll Thread Release Party, 67 Gallery, NYC
+ [March 16] - BHQFU Book Fair, Brooklyn, NY
+ [01.01.16] - Poetry Project Annual New Years Marathon Reading, NYC

+ [12.12.15] - Segue Reading Series, NYC
+ [Nov 2015] - Prelude Release Party @ Baby's Alright, Brooklyn, NY
+ [10.22.15] - Unnameable Books, Brooklyn, NY
+ [July '15] - St. George's English Bookshop, Berlin
+ [05.23.15] - Make Now Books Release Party @ BHQFU, Brooklyn, NY
+ [04.25.15] - UDP:Hobart, Hobart, NY
+ [03.27.15] - Dreamwave @ 21C Museum Hotel, Durham, NC
+ [02.18.15] - Capricious Gallery, NYC
+ [01.16.15] - PRB Offsite, Los Angeles

+ The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church, NYC
+ Lighght Reading Series, Ugly Duckling Presse, NYC
+ Poets in the Garden Reading Series @ McNally Jackson Bookstore, NYC
+ Poetry & Poetics Reading Group, University of Pennsylvania

+ Ruthless Grip Poetry Series, Washington, DC
+“Transform The World! Poetry Must Be Made by All!” - MoMA, NYC
+ The Toronto New School of Writing

+ The Red Rover Series, Chicago
+ The New Cadence Poetry Series, Santa Cruz, CA
+ Truck Books Release Party - Private Line Series, Brooklyn, NY
+ The Segue Series at The Bowery Poetry Club, NYC
+ Emergency Series - Kelly Writer’s House at the University of Pennsylvania

+ The Segue Series at The Bowery Poetry Club, NYC
+ The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church, NYC

+ Ceptuetics - radio interview on WNYU
+ The Poetry Project at St. Mark’s Church, NYC